Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Earth Day" (4-22-12)

My Partner Alicia and I were assigned to create a board for "Earth Day". I was very excited to do this assignment since I love Art and so does Alicia. We both had a vision as to what we wanted the board to be about. We put our ideas together and came out with this Masterpiece. We title the bulletin board  " Our Promise For Earth Day" basically is about students promising a positive change for Mother Earth. For Example, on each flower the students wrote a sentence and decorated with their own promise, like" I promise to reuse my water bottle" and as an entire class we promise to Recycle,Reuse and Reduce which are the clouds. This board can be use from Kindergarten all the way to High School. The materials we use was different shades of green to create the 3D tree and grass, assorted colors construction papers for the flowers and white cardboard and cotton balls to create the clouds. Of coarse, the background blue sheet, boarder and cut out letters for the board title. This was great experience working with an awesome partner also it's a great idea to incorporate a lesson with art. I love the outcome!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lesson Plan Reflection

To prepare for our lesson plan, Albana and I met and rehearsed the lesson. We went shopping for classroom decor, stickers and lollipops to reward the students. We arrived half an hour early to set up.  Albana and I wanted to create a real classroom feel, and we did! :) For the objective and assessment, please see the below attachment. Our lesson plan went exactly how it was planned. We had some behavior problems like a student taking her shoes off at times, another student hitting another, and a student walking around the class. It was challenging but I feel we handle it pretty well. Also it was a good experience as to get a feel of how behavior problems can occur in a classroom. Most important thing we tried to teach our students was to write sentences, re-tell the story, learn about different animals and use their imagination to create a classroom book. In my opinion , the lesson went great. What I learned from my students was the different personality a classroom has and how a teacher needs to balance  herself to meet every student needs. If I needed to change something different from my lesson it will be to keep the student occupied at all time. That will prevent  any room for behavior problems. Albana and I had extra worksheets for the students to complete after they were finished with the assignment. We got carried away and forgot to handed it out. That would have been a way our lesson would have been more effective. Overall, Albana and I worked hard to have a successful lesson and we are satisfy with the outcome. I Loved the experience!

Albana Cosaj & Yohanna Zorrilla

Lesson Plan #1
Topic: Language Arts
Book: “I Went Walking” by Sue Williams
Grade Level: 1st Grade, 45 minutes

NJCC Standards: RL.1.2

  • Students will make predictions about the story “I Went Walking” as we read along.
  • Students will identify colors, animals.
  • Students will re-tell the story “I Went Walking” by making their own books.

  • Book “ I Went Walking” by Sue Williams
  • Board (big notepad)
  • Colors, crayons, makers, pencils(30)
  • Extra worksheets “Busy Work”(30)
  • fill in the blank worksheets(30)

1.        Anticipatory Set: To begin the class, the students will sit in a circle and as a class we will play “I Spy”. The students will spy different objects that are in the classroom.
2.        Introduce the book and read the story. Ask questions about the story as we read along.
3.        Give students scenario, which they will write their 2 sentences about.
4.        The class will be writing their sentences on what they saw when they went walking at the beach.
5.        With each sentence they write, they will also draw a picture that goes along with the sentence.
6.        Then each student will read their sentence to the class.
  1. Finally, we will make a class book using everyone’s sentences.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Lesson Plan 1 " I Went Walking"

Today was my first lesson presentation along  with my partner Albana. What an experience! :) At first, I was a bit nervous but then I got the hang of it.  It was fun and challenging but I truly enjoyed it. I'm so thrilled and convinced about my future teaching career. =)

Next week ,I will go into further details about my lesson presentation experience. Until next time!

Friday, March 2, 2012


Unfortunately, I was absent from class on Glog lesson day. :( Therefore, I had to figured out all by myself. Finally I got it!  It was really fun to create my own poster for my lesson book. :0)

Here is my Glog address:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

End of Day 1

At the beginning I was a little frustrated since I could"t log in into my account. I teamed up with my partner Albana and I was able to log in thru her page. :) I learned how to use Wordle and it was fun!


Wordle: I went walking

Day 1

Today we are in the library lab to learn about Blog and Wordle. I'm very excited to learn something new.